FOUNDER | Liana is founder, director and hands-on surgeon. A rare combination of dreamer and doer, she started Project Flamingo in 2010 after being deeply moved by the desperate need in the public health sector. Her idea captured the hearts of friends and colleagues and soon she had a trusted team to help her make quality and compassionate cancer care available to all. She went on to become a specialist surgeon (with an FCS (SA) and MMed (Surgery) Cum Laude from the University of Cape Town); achieve numerous research awards; and was named one of the Top 10 Health Care Innovators of 2014 by the UCT Graduate School of Business. She currently has a thriving private surgical practice, works at the Groote Schuur Breast and Endocrine Unit, and heads up Project Flamingo with vision and passion. 

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Michelle Rennie

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Michelle is a passionate ambassador and brand champion for Project Flamingo and has been part of the Project Flamingo journey from its inception in 2010. Michelle is the administrative backbone of the project that ensures that a plethora of details are taken care of. As a breast cancer survivor herself, she joined the amaBele Belles Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team after her recovery. Whilst participating in an International BC Dragon Boat Regatta event, the amaBele team decided to sell their African team gear and happily painted faces in return for donations to be used for a breast cancer cause once home. On return to Cape Town, Michelle and the team serendipitously met Liana. They were so inspired by the passion and purpose of Project Flamingo, that they made the very first donation to the Project with the money raised in Canada on a live Cape Talk radio show. Michelle has been intimately involved with Project Flamingo since that very first donation.

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Farzana Araie

NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Besides her role as non-executive director, Farzana regularly volunteers as an anaesthetist on Project Flamingo lists for patients who require vital Catch-up Surgeries. She first volunteered with Project Flamingo in 2011 when she was a medical officer in anaesthesia at GF Jooste hospital, and became very inspired to help patients who would otherwise wait for months before finally having their surgery. She and Liana were in specialist training together at Groote Schuur hospital in 2012, which further cemented their friendship and Farzana’s role in the project. In addition to her love of adventure and thrills (like horror films), Farzana generously gives of her time whenever her schedule as a private anaesthetist in Cape Town permits.


Marlene Strauss

NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Marlene’s sound legal mind has been a tremendous asset to Project Flamingo. Marlene met Liana at a cooking class she arranged in Barberton. They remained close friends. Years later she was inspired by her own mother’s journey with breast cancer to become involved with Project Flamingo. While initially supporting from the sidelines, she officially came on board as a director in 2017. Marlene describes herself as “an Attorney and Conveyancer by day and a Flamingo the rest of the time.” She deeply believes in the goodness of people and the capacity of each person to make the world a little better every day.


Jay-Ann Jacobs

NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Jay-Ann has been a non-executive director since the formation of the NPC. Jay-Ann practised as a corporate and commercial attorney for over a decade before joining Pioneer Foods; practising at at Mallinicks Inc. and then joining Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc. as a director in Cape Town. She has been the general counsel for Pioneer Foods since 2010.

Dr Michael Brombacher 

Michael is currently an intern in Port Elizabeth (PE) and has been integral in bringing Project Flamingo to Livingstone Hospital in PE. He first got involved in the project in 2017 as a medical student and today manages all the social media. When not working long hours at the hospital, he can be found spending time with his English Bulldog, Sammy.

Dr Amy MacFarlane 

Amy was one of the previous co-chairs of the Project Flamingo Student initiative at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Having recently graduated, she is currently completing her internship at Livingstone Hospital and Dora Nginza Hospital in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape. One of the many reasons she loves Project Flamingo, is because it shows what a difference each and every one can make in the world. 

Anri Basson

Anri is part of the Pamper Pack delivery team at Tygerberg Hospital. She also helps with whatever needs doing at Project Flamingo. Anri found support so essential to her breast cancer journey, that she wishes the same level of care and encouragement to everyone. She is dedicated to spreading the message that early detection is vital to treatment options and survival rates. Project Flamingo enables her to help where it matters: cutting short the waiting period for surgical treatment. 

Dr Kyla Comins

Kyla is most involved in creating caring Pamper Packs and she also helps out with PR, attends meetings and gives presentations. Kyla joined the team in 2017, after having been through a Breast Cancer diagnosis the previous year. Her own experience gave her insight into the challenges her patients face in the state health service where she also works as a doctor. She was inspired to provide more holistic care and is now an integral part of operations at Project Flamingo. Aside from doing her Master's Degree in infectious diseases, she loves raising funds and awareness on the Gun Run surrounded by so many “flamazing” pink t-shirts.

Core Medical Volunteers

Although we have a pool of volunteers that regularly rotate doing the Catch-up lists at the various hospitals, we have a few key volunteers at each institution that keep things running smoothly:

Dr. Alison Kouvarelis - Anaesthetics co-ordinator

Prof. Lydia Cairncross - Breast surgeon Groote Schuur Hospital

Dr. Francois Malherbe - Breast surgeon Groote Schuur Hospital

Dr. Jenny Edge - Breast surgeon Tygerberg Hospital

Dr. Ilna Conradie - Breast surgeon Tygerberg Hospital

Dr. Karin Baadjies - Breast surgeon Tygerberg Hospital

Dr. Lwazi Nongogo - Breast surgeon Livingstone Hospital

Francois Crewe - Student co-ordinator 

Rouxle Scmeisser - Student co-ordinator and George Hospital liaison



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