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25 life-saving surgeries by NGO following delays due to taxi violence

Recent taxi strikes shook the City of Cape Town, and also its health care system. The tremendous upheaval had many consequences - one, unfortunately, being canceled cancer surgeries due to disrupted theater capacity.

Here is the truth: while people go on strike, cancer doesn't. In response to this backlog, we've made a plan.

On Saturday, August 19, we are set to undertake an extraordinary feat by performing 25 life-saving surgeries at Groote Schuur and Tygerberg Hospitals.

While we've been committed to providing life-saving surgeries for the past 13 years, this weekend's effort is an increased effort with two hospitals and accommodating over double the capacity. The initiative aims to compensate for the time lost due to the ongoing strikes and resultant disruptions in critical medical services, including essential surgical treatments and primary healthcare.

Dr. Liana Roodt, Founder & Executive Director of Project Flamingo, expresses deep concern for the patients caught in this dilemma:

"These patients are already navigating an incredibly challenging journey. To compound their struggles by delaying their much-needed surgeries is truly disheartening. While people may go on strike, cancer does not pause. Our mission is to provide practical solutions in the face of such challenges."

The upcoming catch-up surgeries will be conducted by a collaborative team of volunteer surgeons and anesthetists who generously contribute their time and expertise. Supported by dedicated nursing staff and patient advocates, these medical professionals play a pivotal role in assisting patients on their path to recovery.


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