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Photos | Behind the scenes at Livingstone Hospital

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

A lot goes into a catch-up list day. From the dedicated medical staff to the many volunteers working behind the scenes to make our Flamingo surgery days the heart-warming event that they are.

The team at Livingstone Hospital has worked countless hours to provide timely surgery to Flamingo patients in Port Elizabeth. Saturday 14th June 2023 was no different.

We always love seeing the atmosphere captured by our volunteer photographers. And seeing how happy everyone is to be giving their free time to make a difference in the lives of our patients.

A special thank you to Tamlyn Delponte Photography for these spectacular photos as well as Redband Coffee Company for the delicious coffee. And to the Flamingo Friends for their hard work both comforting the patients and making sure the teams were well looked after.

"This is the best initiative. I'm sure the patients are eternally grateful for your efforts. As a breast cancer survivor, I'm in awe as I read your posts and look forward to seeing where you will be next. Thank you thank you for saving lives." Leonie Harry, Facebook fan.


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