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In Pictures: Mandela Day at Livingstone Hospital

Project Flamingo's historic Mandela Day effort took place on Saturday 15 July 2023.

A new record was set by the Project Flamingo teams. Four teams across four locations performed timely surgeries on 27 patients. This marked our all-time record for the number of surgeries performed on a single day.

One of our locations was Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth. The team operated on 8 breast cancer patients, providing timely surgeries and much-needed support on their breast cancer surgeries.

We are grateful for the passion and presence of every team member and volunteer who helped us to make this possible.

“We are elated and deeply grateful for the momentous day we had on Saturday. It was a true reflection of the kindness, compassion, and generosity of our healthcare workers and greater team. What a privilege that we could provide timely breast cancer surgeries to these brave 27 women!” said Founder & specialist breast and endocrine surgeon, Dr. Liana Roodt.

Volunteer photographer Anneli Young captured beautiful moments on the day.


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